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Industrial and socioeconomic development to be the focus of Pakistan-China cooperation: Chinese Envoy
The Ambassador of China to Pakistan, Yao Jing, held a meeting with the Federal Minister for Interior, Ijaz Shah, where he said that the security situation in Pakistan has significantly improved, and appreciated Pakistan government’s role in the establishment of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Apprising the Minister about the future cooperation goals, he said that the next focus would be on industrial development and socioeconomic cooperation. He also proposed for the an MoU between the Ministry of Interior and Chinese Ministry of Public Security to enhance coordination between the two countries.

ISLAMABAD: “Pakistan is a peaceful country and the security situation has certainly improved over the past few years” said the Chinese Ambassador, Yao Jing, in a meeting with Minister of Interior Ijaz Shah.

He strongly condemned the terrorist attack in Lahore and extended condolences to the entire nation on behalf of China and its people. The Ambassador appreciated the role of Government of Pakistan in developmental projects with specific emphasis on China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

He said that focus of cooperation was primarily based on two areas that include Industrial and Social Development.

Elaborating the social factor, Ijaz Shah added that the prime minister’s vision has been quite focused on poverty alleviation and improving education sector.

Yao Jing proposed that a MoU may be signed to enhance Ministry level coordination with Chinese Ministry of Public Security to further strengthen the collaboration on both ends.

The MoU will be principally centering on capacity building and technical development of relevant organizations.

While discussing the investment and tourism potentials, the Federal Minister for Interior said that Pakistan is now open to 175 countries around the globe which is a milestone achievement of the present government.

“We will work together for betterment of our people,” the Minister said in response to Chinese offer of expanding the horizons of mutual ties.

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