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CPEC - Pakistan and China sign agreement to double the entire ML-1 railway track
Pakistan and China sign agreement to double the entire ML-1 railway track.

Pakistan Railways (PR) and the National Railways Administration (NRA) of China have signed an agreement to upgrade and double the entire ML-1 railway track from Karachi to Peshawar, as part of the infrastructure development under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The up-gradation also includes increase of speed, signalling and control systems. The China Railways Rolling Corporation (CRRC) Tangshen has also shown interest in investing in CPEC, for the improvement of Pakistan Railways.

LAHORE: Pakistan Railways (PR) and the National Railway Administration (NRA) of China on Tuesday signed an agreement pertaining to the ML-1 [Main Line-1] project at the PR Headquarters here.

PR Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Aftab Akbar and NRA Deputy Administrator An Lusheng signed the agreement pertaining to doubling of the entire ML-1 track from Karachi to Peshawar, up-gradation of the speed of passenger trains, freight trains, computer-based signalling, control system and others, local media reported.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that the project was the backbone of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

“All matters related to ML-1 have been settled, whereas a complete report on its design and infrastructure will be submitted by December 25.”

The minister said that ML-2 and ML-3 were also important for CPEC, adding that Chinese companies should give a lesser amount of interest rate in order to complete PR uplift projects.

Meanwhile, China Railway Rolling Corporation (CRRC), Tangshan, has shown interest to invest in Pakistan Railways under the umbrella of CPEC project by providing products and services to Pakistan Railways.

This initiative is revealed by Hu Rui, the director of Overseas Targeted Publicity Corporate Culture Department.

The Director, Hu Rui briefed in detail to the delegation of South Asian and South East Asian countries, that CRRC has a immense potential and it is only emphasising on various prospects to augment its operations in different countries getting Chinese investment under Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Furthermore, she added that CRRC has already nominated the bid for supplying almost 230 modern coaches to Pakistan, which will be a helping hand for improvisation of Pakistan’s railway.

Hu Rui also said, “CRRC is based on the erudition from international first-class projects for their latest management thoughts and techniques, due to which CRRC Tangshan takes equivalent construction as the foundation and adopt five implement approaches consisting, business arrangement optimization, huge technical system, large quality system, standardized factory and information conception.
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